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Modern job applicants exist in a job searching de-gamified black hole.  Information doesn’t flow to us or away from us. Society requires our presence in hiring processes while  being almost entirely unable to give us reliable insight about our performance, or the performance of the last 100 hiring games we spent hours playing each.  It’s demoralizing and creates this cycle of isolation.. 

We’re on a mission to break the spell of loss, re-engage your job hunt, and transform what exactly modern talent acquisition is. Let’s revolutionize the job search together.

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A frustrating phenomenon where a job is advertised but the company has no real intention of filling it. Companies might do this to build a talent pool or improve their employer image.

Talent Acquisition (TA) focuses specifically on attracting and recruiting new talent for a company. Human Resources (HR) manages a broader range of employee-related functions, often including talent retention and development. TA may fall under the HR umbrella in some organizations.

Staffing agencies connect businesses with temporary workers to fill short-term needs. Examples include Kelly Services, Aquent, Manpower.

These companies specialize in finding and placing qualified candidates into permanent jobs at other companies. Examples include Kforce, Manpower, Pontoon.

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